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We personalize business process automation services for your most important needs

If you’re pouring too much time and money into your back-office problems, yet you still aren’t seeing results, it’s time to step into the future of automation. With custom CRM development and automation, automated ERP accounting software, bookkeeping and invoicing automation, operations and logistics management software, and more, our workflow automation services are always customized to you.

Rather than pitching a generic software solution, we take the time to learn about your business and its unique challenges. Then, we use trusted tools like Make, Zapier, and Airtable to design a personalized solution that truly meets your needs.

Why Crispy Is Different

Our workflow automation services are unique. Here’s why.

We won’t waste your time with generic automations that don’t work for your team, limited functionality that doesn’t scale, or complex solutions that require constant training and retraining. Instead, we prioritize you.

We put customers first

Don’t waste any more time or money on agencies that don’t listen. Our process is collaborative. We take the time to get a full understanding of your business and how automation can best augment your processes. Over time, we grow with your business, helping you to continue optimizing workflows as you scale.


We’re software engineers at heart

Low- and no-code tools offer efficient solutions to your biggest business challenges. But it’s not all about speed. As software engineers, we also take pride in offering the best possible solution. Our team harnesses the fundamental principals of software engineering to solve your problems — no matter the size, scope, industry, or platform.


We don’t stop at implementation

Even with planning and training, every person has a unique way of working and using their team’s tools. So while pre-deployment testing is critical, implementation can reveal edge-case issues that need to be addressed. If we discover any problems, we quickly diagnose and resolve them while keeping you informed and minimizing disruption to the business.


We scale with you

Automation developers can burn and churn clients by solving their immediate challenges — and stopping there. But at Crispy, our job isn’t done until we address current problems, assist with implementation, and work to prevent new challenges as you grow. It’s all part of our commitment to putting customers first.

Business Process Automation Software

Streamline processes and centralize scattered data with custom workflow automation solutions

You frequently rebuild your processes and retrain teams. Each time, you hope you’ve finally found the most effective system. But no matter how many new rules and regulations you put in place, and how often you train and retrain your staff, nothing seems to help. If this sounds like you, don’t worry — we’ve got ideas! Workflow automation achieves what manual processes just can’t.

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Department-Specific Automation Solutions

Harness workflow automation for contact and call centers, helpdesk, sales, security, data analysis, and more

Recent contact center automation trends help businesses operate with leaner budgets and headcounts. But the benefits of workflow automation don’t end in the call center. If you’re suffering from inefficient processes, data entry errors, or thin margins in any department, we can help. We offer low-code and no-code workflow automation solutions that are quick to produce and easy to implement.

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What customers say about us

"We highly recommend Crispy Software for their expertise in business automations. Their solutions have saved our employees countless hours and allow us to focus on the most important tasks of the day."

Matthew Greig

Werner Hoffman & Greig

"I had a hard time finding the right person for my job. I chose Christopher as he seemed to understand what I was looking for in his proposal. He was able to execute what I was looking for and in a short amount of time, giving us the opportunity to explore even more than expecting. Christopher really went above and beyond with his skills and insight. "

Drew Kittredge

Kitt Creative

"Working with Chris was a game-changer. His expertise in software integration and problem-solving abilities streamlined our processes, leading to some impressive results. Don't hesitate to entrust your development projects to Chris!"

Trevor Kimball

Integrity Practice Sales

Helping teams like yours since 2010

What makes us great? Our founder’s extensive background in enterprise software consulting taught us the importance of putting customers first.