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AI and machine learning in business aren't just trends — they'll transform how you work

Maybe you’re unsure how AI business ideas apply to your company. Or you might be overwhelmed by the possibilities, struggling to prioritize only the most critical applications of machine learning. Either way, we can help.

From AI project management to chatbot development, our boutique agency will find the right AI solution for your needs.

Why Crispy Is Different

We’re not your average AI/ML agency. Here’s why.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning aren’t new — but they’re relative newcomers compared to traditional software development and automation solutions. And we don’t shy away from that fact. Instead, we take an open-minded approach and encourage experimentation to find the right AI/ML solutions for your business.

We embrace low-code and no-code tools

Low- and no-code tools are the foundation of our AI/ML services. We select the tools that are most likely to meet your needs from the get-go — and iterate more efficiently from there. You’ll receive a unique machine learning solution that’s fully customized to your needs.


We train AI/ML models

It takes time for new AI/ML solutions to correctly analyze data. That’s why we implement systems that allow our customers to intelligently train and retrain their models, instead of their staff. This makes the tools more accurate and better able to handle a wider range of inputs over time.


We offer fully integrated vertical solutions

Yes, we offer custom AI and machine learning development services. But this isn’t your average AI software. Our fully integrated vertical AI/ML tools include front-end, back-end, and data storage solutions. And we integrate your AI/ML platforms with other platforms, tools, and data solutions to get the most out of your data.


We’re collaborative, not prescriptive

Experimenting with AI and machine learning tools on your own can feel like a guessing game. We take the guesswork out! Our expert team strategically discovers innovative solutions that work with or improve your current processes. In short, we help you get ahead of the competition with evolving custom AI/ML tools.

A 3D magnifying glass hovers over a bar graph, indicating data analysis or reporting
AI in Logistics, Operations, and More

Groundbreaking AI business ideas for all industries — from bookkeeping to law firms and more

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses all tech that primarily functions with humanlike qualities — whether a device or in the cloud. We focus on cloud-based AI delivery using incredible tools including Nanonets, Parseur, and ChatGPT. You can leverage AI in your business to connect teams and systems, simplify logistics, introduce live chat functionality, and much more.

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Machine Learning Development Services

Harness the power of machine learning to automate your business and focus on growth

Machine learning (ML) is a form of AI built to help computer systems learn to complete tasks independently with minimal instruction — increasingly automating these processes over time. The applications of machine learning are vast, including customer segmentation, fraud detection, healthcare services, and beyond.

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What customers say about us

"We highly recommend Crispy Software for their expertise in business automations. Their solutions have saved our employees countless hours and allow us to focus on the most important tasks of the day."

Matthew Greig

Werner Hoffman & Greig

"I had a hard time finding the right person for my job. I chose Christopher as he seemed to understand what I was looking for in his proposal. He was able to execute what I was looking for and in a short amount of time, giving us the opportunity to explore even more than expecting. Christopher really went above and beyond with his skills and insight. "

Drew Kittredge

Kitt Creative

"Working with Chris was a game-changer. His expertise in software integration and problem-solving abilities streamlined our processes, leading to some impressive results. Don't hesitate to entrust your development projects to Chris!"

Trevor Kimball

Integrity Practice Sales

Helping teams like yours since 2010

What makes us great? Our founder’s extensive background in enterprise software consulting taught us the importance of putting customers first.