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What customers say about us

"We highly recommend Crispy Software for their expertise in business automations. Their solutions have saved our employees countless hours and allow us to focus on the most important tasks of the day."

Matthew Greig

Werner Hoffman & Greig

"I had a hard time finding the right person for my job. I chose Christopher as he seemed to understand what I was looking for in his proposal. He was able to execute what I was looking for and in a short amount of time, giving us the opportunity to explore even more than expecting. Christopher really went above and beyond with his skills and insight. "

Drew Kittredge

Kitt Creative

"Working with Chris was a game-changer. His expertise in software integration and problem-solving abilities streamlined our processes, leading to some impressive results. Don't hesitate to entrust your development projects to Chris!"

Trevor Kimball

Integrity Practice Sales

How we help businesses like yours

Every day, your team tackles a mountain of repetitive tasks. The errors stack up. You have to divert more time and headcount to operational fires.

It’s getting harder to dedicate time and energy to what really matters: growing your business.

But we can help.

We create custom apps, workflow automation, and machine-learning solutions to help you take back control of your business. And thanks to low- and no-code development tools, you get robust, easy-to-use, and low-cost solutions.

Bottom line? You can finally focus on your most important challenges.

Workflow Automation

Outdated, inefficient processes are costing you valuable time and money — let’s fix that

Custom App Development

Solve complex problems faster with robust application development services

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Meet the future of development, from chatbots to machine learning DevOps

Workflow Automation

Outdated, inefficient processes are costing you valuable time and money — let’s fix that

Your mission-critical information is scattered across multiple platforms. It’s tough to find the right employees to manage it all, and even your best people can make costly data entry errors. Meanwhile, you’re stuck trying to plug holes in your process, retrain teams to handle temporary fixes, and glean actionable insights from disparate and inaccurate data.

In short, back-office headcount isn’t fixing your operational inefficiencies.

But Crispy’s business process automation solutions let you operate more efficiently, with thicker margins and a leaner headcount. These systems will support you by validating data, alerting your team to mistakes, and even fixing errors automatically.

We use trusted low-code and no-code tools including:

Make, Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheets, QBO, Asana, Hubspot, Salesforce, and many more

With an array of possible solutions, our expert team will design a workflow automation system optimized for your unique needs.

Custom App Development

Solve complex problems faster with robust application development services

From legal services to fintech, every industry experiences business process challenges. Companies may lack automated solutions or wrestle with complex back-end technologies for issues like systems integration, web applications, mobile apps, LMS development, CRM integration, and so much more.

But if you hire backend developers to code complex apps, how will you manage implementation, onboarding, and regular updates over time?

At Crispy, our low-code and no-code application development services result in highly customized — yet user-friendly — apps. You don’t need to be a developer to understand, use, or maintain these unique systems.

We hire no-code developers who are experts in app development tools including:

Make, Airtable, Softr, Bubble, WeWeb, Xano, and so much more

So whether you’re looking for custom web app development services, mobile app development, or both, join the no-code movement with Crispy for optimized business solutions.

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Meet the future of development, from chatbots to machine learning DevOps

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing the way we do business. With these tools, teams can move faster than ever before. Scalability is more accessible and streamlined. As more industries and businesses embrace AI integration and machine learning services, those who don’t may be left behind.

We can help your productivity and efficiency soar with unique AI business ideas. Embrace customer segmentation machine learning, AI in logistics, AI project management, and more to free up your teams for tasks that drive the most ROI.

Let us do the heavy lifting using reputable tools including:

Make, Zapier, Airtable, ChatGPT, Nanonets, Parseur, Butlerlabs, and many more

Schedule a chat with us to find out more about the best applications of machine learning in business.


Why choose Crispy?


Future-proof delivery

You need solutions for today’s challenges. But what will tomorrow throw at you? We evaluate your past, present, and future to develop comprehensive, lasting solutions using low-code and no-code application development technologies.


Truly unique solutions

We don’t sell pre-packaged or generic offers. Our dedicated in-house team is devoted to understanding your unique business challenges and developing the ideal solution for your needs — and no one else’s.

Nearshore development team

You don’t just need an app. You need a team that understands your business inside and out. That’s why our reliable US-led team is experienced in helping companies solve their most important challenges. If you’ve tried offshore development services, you’ll feel the difference working with us.

Frequently asked questions

When you’re stuck with unanswered questions, it’s tough to decide how to move forward — but you don’t have time to waste.

So here are some of the most common questions we get, ranging from workflow automation to custom app development, AI solutions, and more.

Don’t see your question here? Just reach out to us! We’re here to help you through the decision-making process every step of the way.

What separates us from the competition?

Here are the top ways Crispy Software Solutions stands out from the competition:

We’re customer-driven. Our job is about more than just developing the best custom application or business process automation. It’s also about building relationships. We strive to function as an extension of your team, delivering both unmatched service and high-quality solutions. That way, you can get back to business faster — and have a go-to partner for your next project.

We’re a boutique agency. We’re not a factory, designed to burn and churn through every client. Client retention is important to us — and we’re in it for the partnerships. So our small team is dedicated to your success: we don’t succeed unless you do.

We exclusively offer low-code and no-code development. Fully custom coding requires expensive price tags and large dev teams. They spend their time tinkering with servers and unit tests instead of delivering exemplary service. But thanks to low- and no-code development, we’re focused on you! What’s more, our solutions are far easier to learn, implement, and maintain compared to fully custom code.

We don’t stop at delivery. Implementing new tools and processes is complex and time-consuming. That’s why we help you transition to our solutions simply and efficiently. And if you encounter any challenges — whether during onboarding or later on — we’re here to help.

What are the benefits of workflow automation?

Workflow automation has numerous benefits, including:

Improved accuracy. Even your best team members can make mistakes, but automated systems are more likely to spot inconsistencies or simple errors.

Increased efficiency and productivity. Teams no longer need to waste time searching for files and data across multiple systems. And less time spent looking for the right information, performing repetitive tasks, and correcting mistakes means more time working on mission-critical tasks.

Cost savings. When you automate formerly manual tasks, you don’t need to pay for that labor anymore. This could mean reducing headcount or reallocating staff to more important duties. Plus, automation removes reliance on paper, helping you save on printing and storage costs.

Improved integration. When data is scattered across platforms, you miss out on key business insights. Plus, communication between teams becomes more challenging. But workflow automation unites disparate platforms and teams.

Enhanced transparency. Enjoy better accountability and transparency thanks to system logs, advanced reporting, and more. No more days spent hunting down the origins of an issue — automation makes changelogs easy to navigate.

Improved customer experience. Automated CRMs, call center automation, help desk automation, automated order fulfillment, and more can all contribute to more efficient customer service.

How do you create a workflow automation?

Every team’s process is somewhat unique, but the Crispy process for developing a client’s workflow automation goes like this:

1. Identify the business goals and challenges
2. Understand the current process from a user’s POV
3. Identify what the dream state looks like
4. Diagram the dream-state solution, IDing necessary tools and process updates
5. Implement the minimum viable product (MVP) to move toward the dream state
6. Test the solution thoroughly, then ramp up real-world usage to identify further issues and pain points
7. Address feedback, continue refining the solution, and add new features until we reach the dream state
8. Train the business on the use of new processes and tools
9. Monitor, analyze, and support the systems to ensure the solution works well and achieves the desired results

What are the key components of effective custom application development?

Even the most beautiful or streamlined app isn’t effective if it doesn’t actually solve your problem. Here’s our process:

Gather all requirements. What does your team need? What have you tried? What could get in the way of success?

Document goals and requirements clearly. When you’re mired in a specific detail or two, it’s easy to lose sight of the original goals. We keep a clear record to keep everyone on task.

Implement agile project management. Agile methodologies are alive and well for good reason! By working in traditional sprints, we work toward a minimum viable product without surprises.

Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). This approach keeps our eyes on the main goal while making regular progress and frequent improvements.

Effective feature prioritization. A successful balance of form and function ensures that all critical features are implemented; only then can we entertain new or supplementary features.

Automated testing. Testing can be just as time-consuming as initial development, but automated testing streamlines the process without missing any key review stages.

Performance monitoring. As with any web-based tool, app performance can change over time. Performance monitoring highlights any potential issues early and often, keeping your app on track.

What is the difference between AI and machine learning?

Of the two, artificial intelligence (AI) is the parent term. It refers to any technology that exhibits humanlike qualities as part of its key functions. AI includes physical devices, including self-driving cars, as well as software, such as chatbots.

About 77% of businesses worldwide are exploring the use of — or already using — AI (Source: IBM).

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI. In short, machine learning uses patterns to incrementally “teach” computer systems to complete tasks — without giving detailed instructions for each request.

At Crispy, we leverage incredible tools like Nanonets, Parseur, and ChatGPT to create game-changing AI/ML solutions for our clients. These low- and no-code tools allow us to deliver greater business impact in less time — and with the best client experience.

If you’re curious to learn more about how AI and ML could help out your business, get in touch!

What is no-code application development? What is low-code application development?

Low-code and no-code app development platforms operate in a simplified visual interface, with no developer jargon in sight.

As the name implies, no-code tools don’t require any code to build unique solutions for your business! Low-code tools may require some coding knowledge but are far easier to learn and understand than complex coding languages.

Together, these methodologies allow almost anyone to build tools, applications, and databases that used to be reserved for experienced programmers.

Our expert team combines no-code and low-code solutions to develop unique solutions for your business challenges. Without the complexities of custom code, extensive and complicated servers, infinite testing, and more, we focus on the customer — not the code.

What is Airtable and what are its benefits?

Airtable is a remarkable database solution that streamlines processes and improves transparency. It helps organize your data for improved insights, from daily operations to key business intelligence.

Airtable is an incredibly scalable solution that will grow with your business. That’s why it’s one of the preferred no-code development tools in our tool stack.

What are Zapier and Make, and how are they different?

Zapier and Make are platform integration engines. They both aid workflow automation by improving connections between the many different systems in your business arsenal.

Here are the key differences between Make and Zapier: 

  • Make is somewhat advanced, while Zapier is a beginner engine
  • Make allows for deep integrations; Zapier doesn’t
  • Make uses far fewer applications (about 1,000-2,000) compared to Zapier (about 5,000-10,000) 

So when creating your custom technologies, how do we decide between Zapier vs. Make? It all depends on you! Our understanding of your business and biggest challenges allows us to make the best decision for your team.

Our clients mean the world to us


Our tool stack is always evolving

We harness the best tools to create your most efficient and effective solutions. But we don’t simply learn a tool and move on! We keep learning to stay at the forefront of leading-edge technology.

That’s how we continue to develop forward-thinking solutions that solve your problems now — and keep them at bay as you scale.

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