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Veta Virtual Streamlines Law Firm Call Handling with Crispy Software Solutions and Make

Veta Virtual Streamlines Law Firm Call Handling with Crispy Software Solutions and Make

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For legal professionals, billable hours are the bread and butter of the business. So every minute spent on administrative tasks — such as manually logging client call details — is time away from substantive casework.

Veta Virtual, a leading virtual receptionist service for law firms, recognized this painful inefficiency among their clients.

The Challenge: Eliminating Manual Data Entry

manual data entry shown with an office worker at a desk looking at stacks of paperwork and entering it into a computer. A metaphorical light shows a connection between the worker and the stack of paperwork, indicating automated data entry

Veta Virtual receptionists capture detailed call information through Five9, their contact center software. This includes the caller's name, phone number, email, call duration, notes, and more.

Previously, law firm clients would receive this data via email and have to painstakingly enter it into their legal practice management systems, like Clio. This meant that lawyers were drowning in data entry after every call — pulling them away from clients and billable work. 

"Our clients were spending far too much valuable time on data entry instead of focusing on casework," said Andy Fang, founder of Veta Virtual. "We needed to automate syncing call details into systems like Clio to save our clients time and effort."

The Strategic Alliance: Unleashing Automation’s Power

A robotic hand shakes hands with a human hand

Working as a strategic ally, the team here at Crispy Software Solutions analyzed our robust low-code and no-code tech stack. We searched for the perfect solution to streamline Veta Virtual’s core receptionist offering.

Our answer? Make (formerly Integromat). Leveraging Make's no-code capabilities, our custom workflow automation solution removes manual data entry from the equation. 

Instead, the new software directly populates call data from the Five9 system into law firms' legal practice management platforms. Specifically, it:

  • Captures detailed caller information including name, number, email, and notes
  • Parses structured call log emails from Five9
  • Intelligently creates or updates contacts in Clio
  • Automates creation of linked communications, time entries, and more
"Make's data mapping tools translated between Veta's system and the law firm's database seamlessly," noted one of Crispy's Make experts. "And their pre-built connectors let us rapidly build this customized integration without starting from scratch."

The automations provide flexibility, too. Lawyers can opt for email alerts if data fails to sync, choose to track billable call time, and more. 

But we didn't simply use Make's templates here. 

Instead, we created two different scenarios to use as templates within Veta Virtual's account. This way, depending on the client's needs, the Veta Virtual team can easily pick and choose which template to copy for a specific client scenario. One simply links calls to contacts, while the other connects to case files as well.

Our automation captures caller data and categorizes all new clients in Clio without any manual work needed.

To make this process simple to understand, employees have access to a standardized onboarding document for new clients, as well as a YouTube video for crystal-clear reference points when using these new systems.

"Crispy's automation expertise combined with Make's powerful platform allowed us to deliver a seamless call tracking experience for our clients," said Fang. "Our law firm customers now have more time to prioritize core casework."

Boosting Stickiness and Savings

A rocket shoots flames with gears as it flies through the air

By partnering with Crispy and leveraging Make's automation capabilities, Veta Virtual can now provide law firms with fully integrated call data syncing as part of their virtual receptionist service — at no additional charge to their clients.

For a company primarily serving law firms (85% of their client base), this value-added automation aims to increase customer stickiness and lifetime value while reducing client churn. Most importantly, it eliminates the drudgery of manual call logging for lawyers, letting them focus on billable work.

"[This] integration is transforming the call handling experience for legal professionals," Fang said. "Our clients can focus on serving their own clients, not tedious data entry."

When the new solution went live, clients saw instant results:

  • They saved about 14.17 hours of billable work in just 2 weeks
  • That means they could gain around 28.33 extra working hours every month
  • Spending those hours on billable casework at $250/hour creates the potential for an additional $7,082.50 in revenue each month

Innovating Legal Workflow: Veta Virtual's Automation Journey Continues

Looking ahead, Veta Virtual plans to expand automated call data integration to more legal platforms. With Crispy’s assistance, they’ll leverage Make's powerful built-in modules for existing integrations along with HTTP modules for interacting with public APIs. 

"Our partnership demonstrates an innovative, seamless tech solution that streamlines operations and propels businesses forward," Fang said. "For law firms, it's just the start of optimization through intelligent automation."

This case study showcases how Make's unified automation platform — combining no-code development, pre-built app connectors, structured data handling, cloud scalability, and more — accelerated delivery of an innovative legal automation solution. 

Now, Veta Virtual is looking to expand to other legal software platforms. Make's powerful modules for interacting with public APIs will be essential there. And here at Crispy Software Solutions, we look forward to driving these integrations as Veta’s strategic technology partner.

Curious how we can axe inefficiencies in your firm? Check out our full suite of Services for more info.